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Ideas for where to Visit in Northern Ireland

Hi Tim's Friend, Tim at Facebook asked me to recommend some places to visit in Northern Ireland, I couldn't login in my person blog sure I'll share here its just fine,

so yea my son is 6 and my daughter is 3, so we live in Belfast

here's my rough guides I would recommend you to visit when here in Northern Ireland (^_^)

1 : Belfast City Hall

if you haven't hire a car, you would most likely get a bus to Belfast city centre, and most buses stops here at Belfast City Hall.

If you have booked and hire a car, do park at Castle Court shopping Centre, or Dunbar Street Parking, if you park at High Park or Victoria Square its quite expensive likes £3-£4 an hr where as Castle Court shopping centre is £1.70 I think

another option would be Uber or Download Fona Cab or Value Cab App to book a taxi, its super Handy but if you need Taxi phone number :

Fona Cab 02890 333333
Value Cab 02890 809080

Anyway Once you are in City Centre go explore our tiny city

2 : Big Fish of Belfast
Passing The Albert Clock walk toward the River Lagan and you will see this giant sculpture with tiles of Belfast History and Photos and stories!

3 : Grand Central Hotel,
Its Closer to City Hall, complete different Direction of The Big Fish lol, so may be visit on a 2nd Day
The Only Hotel in Belfast where you can see whole of Belfast at the Top Called The Observatory, if you love Afternoon Tea do book for one its lovely !
if not, just pop up quickly have a drink or something or take some photos and just enjoy the view

4 : Victoria Square (Shopping Area)
Shopping Area in Belfast is Quite Small compares to Dublin, but it has plenty of restaurants

5 : St Anne Cathedral
Shopping Area in Belfast is Quite Small compares to Dublin, but it has plenty of restaurants

6 : St George Market
This Place is only open at Certain Time

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