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A3 Menu - What Type of Fold is Possible

A3 menu is one of the most popular products from our company. Many people want to order this menu for their restaurants or cafes. The A3 paper has about 420 mm x 297 mm dimensions. It can be folded into several types of fold based on your needs. If you want to find the best type of fold that is suitable for your needs, you can contact us for asking about our recommendations. You can also take a look at this page for learning more about some types of folds that are possible for your A3 menu.

Types of Folds for Your A3 Menu

A. Half Fold / Bi-Fold

It is one of the most popular types of folds that you can use for your A3 menu. With this type of fold, the menu will be folded into two parts. The dimension of the half fold can be 210 x 297 mm or 148 x 420 mm. The most popular half fold is going to be 210 x 297 mm. With this type of fold, you have enough space for arranging your menu from your restaurant or your cafe. You have 4 different pages with 210 x 297 mm dimensions. Each page will have an A4 size.

B. Z Fold

This type of fold is commonly known as Concertina. This type of fold is also known as zig- zag folding. It has a lot of similarities to the accordion leaflet. This type of fold allows you to have 6 pages or more on your leaflet (up to 12 pages). Every page will have the same size. All of these pages can be folded in a zig-zag direction. The leaflet can be opened out to a single long document. This type of fold will allow you to put information running from one page to another one smoothly.

C. Roll Fold

A roll fold is another popular way that you can use for creating an accessible and neat leaflet. Every page will fold in on itself. The A3 sheet will be folded into 3 main sections. The right-hand page will be folded inward, then it is followed by the left-hand page. It usually comes with 6 main pages, but you can add more pages to the leaflet. If your leaflet has more than 6 pages, you can continue folding every page inwards.

D. Tri Fold

This is another common type of fold that is available today. When our A3 paper is folded with this A3 Tri-Fold type, you will have 6 separate pages that are available for you to put your menu. The finished size of the menu will be 140 x 297 mm. This type of fold is commonly used by many cafes or restaurants because it is very easy for the users to read the information inside this menu. Your customers can hold this menu easily because it has the right size for their full hands to handle this menu.

E. Gate Fold

You can create a unique menu design by using this type of fold. When you decide to use this type of fold, you are going to divide the A3 paper into 3 main parts. The middle part of the menu will have a dimension of 210 x 297 mm. The right “gate” or the left “gate” of the menu will have around 105 x 297 mm each. The menu will be folded in a way that the right and left gates are closing the middle part of the menu. This design will create a similar design as the gate. When the “gates” are opened, it will reveal the larger panel inside.

F. Cross Fold

Cross fold is commonly used for a map. It will allow the large-printed sheet to be folded down a few times, so it will reduce the overall size of the leaflet. The A3 sheet is commonly folded in half, then it is folded again 1 - 3 times until it has the right size. A sheet that is folded into quarters can be called a French fold. When the folded are opened, they will reveal the whole design of the leaflet on a single A3 page. This type of fold is suitable for you who want to display a lot of products or information details in your leaflet. There are many other types of folds that we have in our company. You can call us for asking about our available services. We have the best printing and design service for you who want to make the best menu for your restaurant. Be sure to check out our affordable menu printing designs here.

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