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A4 Ext - What Option is Possible

Selecting a good menu is very useful to help you promote any dishes from your restaurant. There are a lot of options that are available on the market now. As a professional design and printing company, we are always ready to help you make the best menu for your restaurant. We have a lot of choices that are available for our customers. One of the most popular products is the A4 Ext menu or leaflet printing. It allows you to print your menu or leaflet on the A4 Ext paper. Here are several options that we are going to offer for our customers who want to order our A4 Ext menu or leaflet.

A. Folding type

When you want to order our menu or leaflet printing, you may want to choose the best folding type for your menu. We have some folding types that are available in our company, for example, half-fold, gatefold, tri-fold, Z-fold, Accordion fold, French fold, etc, Different folding types will deliver different effects on the readers. Our experts can recommend some of the best brochures or menu fold that will be suitable for your business. You need to consider how you are going to deliver the product or service information to your customers.

B. Free templates to choose from

This is another benefit that we would like to offer our customers. We can provide some free templates that can be chosen easily. If you want to know all the available templates we have in our printing company, you can always call us at any time you want. With all of our templates, you can choose the best design that will be suitable for your needs.

We can customize these templates and add some of your basic information from your company. You can simply add your product images, logo, business name, phone number, and some other important details from your business.

C. Design service

When you are using our printing service, you can always trust our design service. We have some experienced and trained designers. They are always ready to help you create the best design of your menu, brochure, leaflet, etc. If you have some special requests on your menu, you can tell us about your needs.

You can add some offers or deals that can be used to attract your customers to buy more from your business. We offer a free design service, so you don’t have to pay an expensive rate for using any other professional designers.

D. Types of paper

Choosing the right type of paper is very important to help you create the best brochure or menu for your business. There are a lot of different types of papers that are available today. Each paper has its own benefits and disadvantages for all users.

Some popular types of menu paper include heavy card stock, vellum paper, white semi- gloss, etc. You may also want to choose the weight of the paper. Some popular weight options for the paper include 130 gsm or 170 gsm.

E. Lamination service

This is another option that we always offer for our customers who have a restaurant or cafe business. Lamination is an effective protective layer for the restaurant menu. This lamination is commonly used for printing posters, outdoor signs, menus, flyers, etc. Lamination will create a waterproof effect on the paper.

It will protect your menu from water, wine, sauces, and any other food products that will cause damages to the menu. Using our lamination service will be a cost-effective way to provide a long-lasting result for your menu. When you want to get your paper laminated, you can contact us for asking about our lamination service.

There are many other options that we always offer for our customers who want to print any brochures, leaflets, menus, etc. All of our services are guaranteed to deliver the best result for any of your needs. You will get benefits by using our professional design and printing service that we offer for our customers. Our professional designers are ready to help you create the best design for any of your printing needs. All projects can be done very quickly. You will get your result delivered to your place in a few days after you order from us. Be sure to check out our affordable menu printing designs here.

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