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A5 4 Panels (SRA3)

Finding the right paper size is very important to help you get benefits from your menu, leaflet, or brochure. There are several types of paper sizes that are available today. One of the most popular types of paper that we can offer to our customers is the SRA3 paper size. This is a commercial paper size that is commonly used for commercial needs. You may not be able to find this type of paper size in your daily life. It is commonly used for flyers, leaflets, and any other digital print. If you want to learn more about this SRA3, you may want to take a look at this page now.

What is SRA3?

SRA3 refers to the Supplementary Raw Format A. It has a larger size than the corresponding “A” paper size. For example, You may have a finished sheet of A3 paper. This finished sheet will have a dimension of 420 x 297 mm. When you have the SRA3 paper, this paper will have a dimension of 450 x 320 mm. This paper size is very useful when it is used with commercial print machines.

Most commercial printing machines cannot print from edge to edge. The extra size of this SRA3 paper will allow us to get enough room around the printing area. When we print in the middle of the SRA3 paper with 3mm extra on the edges, we will get a finished edge-to-edge A3 printing area as required. Because of this benefit, SRA3 is very popular among many people who want to use commercial digital printing machines.

What Size Print Can You Print on the SRA3 Paper?

It is easy for you to divide the SRA3 paper into several parts. For example, we are able to fit 4 panels of the A5 leaflets on a single SRA3. We still have enough space around the edges between each panel. It will ensure that we can have up to 4 x A5 leaflets once the SRA3 sheet is cut or trimmed down by using a guillotine. There are some other options that are available for you, especially when you want to print on the SRA3 sheet. Printing on a single SRA3 sheet allows us to print

1 x A3 sheet, or 2 x A4 sheets, or 4 x A5 sheets, or 8 x A6 sheets, or 16 x A7 sheets, or 21 x business cards (with 85 x 55 mm dimension)

What Are Benefits of Printing on the Larger Sheet?

When you are printing on the SRA3 paper, you will print on a large sheet. Printing multiple sizes on a single SRA3 sheet can be very affordable for you. You can save a lot of your money by printing on a large sheet. Paper prices will never get doubled with sheet size. It will be more economical for you to print on a large sheet.

Most printing machines also have a maximum amount of paper sheets that they can run every hour. Therefore, using the maximum paper size for the machine will be one of the best ways for keeping the production costs low. It will also accelerate the printing progress.

How Do We Calculate the Price?

We are going to take a look at your order quantity and our machine capacity. We will calculate the total amount of paper sheets that we require and also the total amount of impressions for being operated on our machine. When you contact us, you can also determine which material that you are going to use for your flyers, brochures, or any other media types. We can use your choice for helping us calculate the total amount of cost that you are going to pay for using our design and printing service.

Many people leave good reviews on our company. We are ready to help you offer the best SRA3 for any of your needs. Our service is recommended for you who are looking for a fast and affordable printing service around this area. We always want to put the best effort to provide the best service quality for our customers. We also offer delivery service for all customers who want to buy our reliable printing service from our company now. Every paper will be delivered to your home or your office safely. Be sure to check out our affordable menu printing designs here.

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